Wade Park Hotel

A historic site, the building was built in 1923 as a luxury hotel which hosted the guests soloist and conductors of the Cleveland Orchestra, including legendary Maurice Ravel and Bela Bartok. The Manor now provides exceptional living for over 100 seniors. The Judson foundation has established itself as a generous benefactor of the arts, and has supported a long line of talented artists of different disciplines. The festival is the fruit of the Judson's long-established partnership with the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

Since 1996, Judson Services Inc, has offered a wide range of lifestyle options for older adults and has earned a national reputation for excellence. Located in the heart of University Circle, Judson and its residents are proud to be a part of the hub of cultural, educational, and philanthropic institutions, a gem unique to Northeast Ohio. 

The Judson Foundation has founded Theater in the Circle - the only resident-driven professional theater company in a retirement community in the United States. 

In 2010 Judson and the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) embarked on a ground breaking residential partnership where graduate-level CIM students began living at Judson Manor in University Circle. In exchange for complimentary living accommodations, the students provide cultural programming at all three of Judson’s retirement communities.

An instant success, this intergenerational program has flourished beyond anyone’s expectations. More than a convenient living arrangement, the students and residents have built meaningful friendships that trump generational gaps. 

Recently, Judson expanded the program to include undergraduate students from the Cleveland Institute of Art. In addition, Judson’s partnership with Case Western Reserve University will offer similar opportunities to CWRU students.

For more information about Judson’s Artist-in-Residence program and how it enhances the independent lifestyle at our communities, please call (216) 791-2004.