Mission Statement

Our Mission


The JUDSON INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL is committed to enhancing the cultural life of Cleveland by bringing together musicians of the highest caliber from around the globe for a ten-day musical celebration. Judson Manor continues to celebrate a legacy of excellence, community engagement and leadership, by partnering with he cities leading musical institutions for the benefits of the community. Our mission is to offer a variety of musical programs, designed to engage different sectors of our community, from young to elderly. We will offer our musicians residency at Judson Manor in the hope that Cleveland's stimulating environment will inspire our musicians and audiences alike.    

Our Artists

Our artists represent different nationalities and various backgrounds. We are committed to continue and elaborate on the the inter-generational collaborations for which Judson has received international acclaim. Our promising emerging talents will have the opportunity to partner with world class established artists and present the fruits of their work in various locations around Cleveland.    Our artists, composers and performer alike, represents the diversity of our community. The will present works of the traditional repertoire, as well as explore new music.


Our Audience

Open and creative dialogue with our audience at home and abroad is a central pillar of our work. We hope to entice our audience away from everyday routine and encourage their fascination with art in all its facets. Many of our events will be free for general admission, and we will explore traditional as well as non-traditional concert spaces and settings. 


Responsibility and Sustainability

In presenting and communicating art we are always in search of new concepts, formats, and vessels. Of great significance to us is the goal of developing and sustainably supporting young artists, as well as imparting our programs and content to the generations of audience who are coming of age along with specific commitments in the social realm.